The Birth of Carrie Cups, LLC a family company

When Carrie Anderson was a little girl, she was constantly mortified by her father stopping to pick up a paper cup by the side of the road. No… her father was not a sanitation engineer, he sold disposable paper cups and was trying to check out the competition. Fast forward 30 years… and now Carrie’s own daughter is embarrassed watching her mother look at the bottom of a disposable cup in the middle of a busy coffee house or restaurant.

The road from mortification to Managing Director of Carrie Cups was a windy one. In college, Carrie was an actress and was as far removed from the family company of disposable foodservice items as she could be. It wasn’t until she was involved with a theatre company with its own coffee bar that she recognized the value of her family's company. When a coffee shop owner wanted to know where she bought her "to go" coffee cups, Carrie told the owner about her family’s company. However, their company only sold product in full containers or to major distributors.

Carrie realized that there was a need for a quality disposable coffee cup that an independent coffee shop owner could buy in smaller quantities. Using her family connections, Carrie started Carrie Cups, LLC to meet the needs of independently owned coffee shops, restaurants, or caterers who wanted to buy the quality products that her family's company produced but in smaller quantities and with her personal touch.

Carrie Cups is a family company, and customer service is our number one priority. Our goal is to supply our customers with quality products without high minimums with friendly customer service. We have associated ourselves with manufacturers of quality cups, 100% compostable GreenGood  products and disposable supplies for the barista.

Through our website , we will ship orders as little as one case at a time.  All pricing on the website includes ground shipping. Orders in by 5pm Eastern Monday - Friday, will ship the following business day. For larger orders over 2000 lbs or custom printing,  please email us at  for a quote to your specific area.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you,

Carrie Anderson

Carrie Anderson
Managing Director

Carrie Cups, LLC

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