Carrie Cups Environmentally-Friendly Products

With an increasing interest in green purchasing, Carrie is proud to carry a full line of environmentally friendly and 100% compostable disposable food service items. All our products, with the GreenGood logo, are 100% compostable and are made from either Ingeo PLA, CPLA,  Sugarcane (Bagasse) or recycled paper.


Our GreenGood Ingeo PLA products are made from NatureWorks PLA. All our Ingeo PLA and CPLA have passed the following standards with regard to compostability: 

  • ASTM D6400 (USA)

  • BPI (USA) 

  • EN 13432 (EU)

  • GreenPla (Japan)

• GreenGood Sugarcane products are made from natural Sugarcane Bagasse fiber and have passed the following standards with regard to compostability:

  • ASTM D6868 (USA)

  • BPI (USA) 

  • EN 13432 (EU)

  • GreenPla (Japan)


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Carrie Cups’ Full Line of Environmentally-Friendly Products:

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GreenGood PLA - Cups and Lids   GreenGood PLA - Bowls, Hinged Lid Boxes, Containers, Trays  
PLA Cups Brochure PLA Cups Brochure details PLA Containers Brochure Front PLA Containers Brochure Back
GreenGood Sugarcane Bowls, Boxes, Plates Platters and Trays   GreenGood CPLA - Bowls, Hot Drink Lids, Cutlery  
Sugarcane Brochure Front Sugarcane Brochure Details CPLA Brochure front CPLA Brochure details
GreenGood Molded Recycled Paper Cup Carriers   GreenGood CPLA Reusable Mugs  
Sugarcane Brochure Front Sugarcane Brochure Details CPLA Mug  
AIR Insulated Hot Cups made from 42% post consumer recycled material   PotatoWare Cutlery  
AIR cup Brochure front AIR Cup details     



About GreenGood USA Product Line:

The GreenGood product line is constantly being updated with new products continuing to be developed to meet the needs of the U.S. foodservice marketplace.

•     GreenGood products are environmentally friendly disposable products.

•     GreenGood products are made from from sustainable renewable resources that are 100%  compostable.

•     GreenGood products are manufactured in state of the art facilities in China, that are environmentally responsible with a small Eco-footprint, and are also socially responsible to their work force.

•     GreenGood products carry all required U.S. and European product certifications, including FDA approval

In addition to the GreenGood products you find here, we also work closely together with our customers to design customized GreenGood products. Just contact for more information. 




•     Bagasse - the remaining product mass pulp after renewable and sustainable raw materials (Bamboo, Reed, Rice, Hemp and Sugarcane) are processed from the fields.

•     CPLA - CPLA is High Heat Poly Lactic Acid which is a nature- based NatureWorks plastic made from corn, an annually renewable resource. CPLA is used for hot food and liquids and is  microwavable up to 212 F.

PLA - Poly Lactic Acid is a starched-based material made from corn that can be formed into plastic tableware products.

•     PSM - Plastized Starch Material can consist of up to 20% of petroleum based resin such as Polypropylene.

•     Renewable and Sustainable Resources - Raw materials, such as corn and sugarcane, that can be transplanted, harvested, and replanted in a year's time, versus trees that require years to grow.

•     Biodegradable - solid materials that will degrade as a result of natural bacteria activity and will disappear into the environment over a period of time.

Compostable - solid biodegradable materials that decay into a nutrient-rich, natural material under controlled conditions in a commercial composting facility utilizing controlled micro-organisms, humidity and temperature.

•     Post-Consumer Recycled Material - Material such as corrugated boxes and newspapers reclaimed from home and institutional recycling.

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